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Nower Power

Nower Power also joins my 1 percent stable this month. He is a 3 year old bay color gelding trotter. He was also bought by and as soon as I saw he was available I got my 1%. He had been racing up to the sale. his record did not look that great, however, the times he was doing would make him very competitive at the Ontario tracks.


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Looking at his race record before the sale and you will see he did not finish often in the top spots in his recent races. however, if you look at the times you will see he raced faster than 2:00 in each of those races. most of them in 1:58. The track speed record at Vernon Downs where he was racing and the tracks in Ontario are only slightly different. however, the horses in Ontario in the same classes are racing slower than 2:00. He should have a great future ahead of him.

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