The New Charles Davis Stables

The Week That was Jan 13,2018

It has been an interesting week for my 1% stables. Races the previous week were canceled. January 13 was suppose to see me on a plane flying towards Manila. But that did not happen. I did have three horses racing that night.

January 13,2018

It was a cold night and the track was very icy according to first hand accounts. Three of my 1% horses raced and all earned checks. you can watch the replays at the Flamboro Downs replay page     Just select the date Jan 13, then select the race number you want to watch. You really need to see the first race.

GOUDA HANOVER was entered to race on 01/13/18 at Flamboro Downs, Race #1.

Race Time:0:29.1 – 1:01.0 – 1:32.1 – 2:04.0
Finishing Position: 3rd
Odds to $1: 2.65
Driver: Harris, J B Trainer: Mcmaster, Kevin P

The first time I saw Gouda Hanover he was still a yearly. I really was not that impressed with him, of the three I was looking at, he was my third favorite. However, as spring came along he started to look better and was the only one of the three to qualify in the summer. However, it was decided that he needed to mature a bit and was turned out. A few owners soured on him and I was able to pick up a  few shares. Gouda Hanover qualified and came back to racing then broke stride in his next race. comments were made that maybe he does not have what it takes to be a race horse. He qualified again and started this race. This is a race you should watch. I believe it shows that he will be a good race horse.   He raced outside for over half a mile head to head with the first place horse. He may of been beaten at the finish but he was still strong.

NOWER POWER was entered to race on 01/13/18 at Flamboro Downs, Race #9.

Race Time:0:29.4 – 1:01.2 – 1:31.0 – 2:02.0
Finishing Position: 3rd
Odds to $1: 1.35
Driver: Shepherd, Robert H Trainer: Macdonald, Amy E

Nower Power has raced against these horses a number of times and three horses including Nower Power dominate the class. They are closely matched.

SALLY DE VIE was entered to race on 01/13/18 at Flamboro Downs, Race #5.

Race Time:0:28.3 – 0:59.4 – 1:30.1 – 2:01.4
Finishing Position: 4th
Odds to $1: 3.80
Driver: Young, Scott R Trainer: Mcginnis, Jason D

Sally De Vie raced well in my view. She finished 5th but was placed 4th. A horse in front of her broke stride in front of her and made her go very wide. The horse that broke stride came back on gait and finished second. Because that horse interfered with Sally, they were placed behind her which moved Sally De Vie up to 4th. Take a look at the video and watch her race. Personal view point: I do not think, at the time she was interfered with, she could of won. But I do think she would of been second.

January 18,2018

NOWER POWER was entered to race on 01/18/18 at Woodbine, Race #8.

Race Time:0:28.0 – 0:58.0 – 1:28.1 – 1:58.0
Finishing Position: 6th
Odds to $1: 20.30
Driver: Macdonald, Anthony A Trainer: Macdonald, Amy E

This was a different class of horse to race against, I thought he would do better. Will have to wait till next time.

DEWEYANN was entered in a non-wagering race on 01/18/18 at Flamboro Downs, Race #1.

Race Time:0:29.4 – 1:02.0 – 1:31.3 – 2:01.2
Finishing Position: 5th
Driver: Macdonald, Anthony A Trainer: Mcmaster, Kevin

Sadly the qualifying races at Flamboro are not broadcast. So my only comment can be she is qualified and should be racing soon.