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Not sure which 1% is mine, but I am a owner.

This is the first day of “school”. Standardbred race horses are “schooled” at the track. It is their exposure to race day conditions.The horse learns how to approach the starting car and to stay behind it. Later the car will speed off and open the gates just like the horse will experience in their racing career.
Deweyann did well, she just needs to mature a little.

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Dewey Ann Maiden Win 2-2-2018

January 27,2018 and the Week That Follows.

It has been an interesting week, the weather has been crazy with 30° f swings in a single day. Temperature drops during the day and getting warmer overnight.  Here is the run down of my 1% horses this week  …

The Week That was Jan 13,2018

It has been an interesting week for my 1% stables. Races the previous week were canceled. January 13 was suppose to see me on a plane flying towards Manila. But that did not happen. I did have three horses racing…

And They Are Off

And they are off is one of the common phrases heard as a track announcer starts to call the race. It is something that two more of my young horses will be hearing. Standardbred racehorse can start racing a the…