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January 27,2018 and the Week That Follows.

It has been an interesting week, the weather has been crazy with 30° f swings in a single day. Temperature drops during the day and getting warmer overnight.  Here is the run down of my 1% horses this week


January 27

We start off the week with two races at Flamboro Downs. Sally De Vie in the second race and Nower Power in the 9th. You can see the races on the Flamboro Downs replay page 

Sally De Vie

Sally raced against many of the same horses that she did on the 20th a race that she won setting a new life time mark for herself.sally-de-vie-1-27-18

Sally De Vie made to the lead early and was overtaken by the number 2 horse Princess Jewels. Princess Jewels won the race win sally finishing second. However, the judges posted an inquiry and after a review found that Princess Jewels had veer into the passing lane at the top of the stretch blocking Sally from using it. The passing lane violation caused the judges to place princess Jewels behind Sally giving Sally back to back wins and her third lifetime win.


Nower Power

Nower Power is racing in a $15,000 claimer and this is a class that he has raced in before. Last week he raced at Woodbine after only a 5 day rest. He did not really do that well finishing out of the money for the first time in 6 starts.


He raced well and finished second.



February 1 2018

American League


American League is back racing. He had been turned out to mature and qualified today. The race lines look good, we will have to see how he does in a PM race.


Horse                       HV PP    1/4     1/2     3/4     Stretch  Finish     Time    1/4  Driver           Odds   Trainer
4   Never Go Back=              4    1/2     1/3     1/NS    1/1      1/H        2:01.3  31   W Dunn               NB J Rankin
2   Americanleague              2    2/2     2/3     2@/NS   2/1      2/H        2:01.3  31   B Davis Jr           NB J Mcginnis
1   Conway Holiday=             1    4/7     4/8T    4/5Q    3/7      3/8T       2:03.2  31.4 A Macdonald          NB A Macdonald
3   Tymal Illhavanothr=         3    3/5     3/7     3/4H    4/9      4/18Q      2:05.1  33.4 T Moore              NB B Lamarche
Time: 29.3, 59.4, 1:30.3, 2:01.3 (Temperature: 1, Condition: GD, Variant: 1)

1st  Never Go Back       (br,h,4 - Manofmanymissions-Saucy Vixen-Donerail)
                         Owner: Ralph D Jardine,Arthur-William C Rankin,Dundas,ON
2nd  Americanleague      (b,c,3 - My Mvp-Danijill-Credit Winner)
                         Owner: Thestable Al Group,Guelph,ON
3rd  Conway Holiday      (b,g,3 - Holiday Road-Mary Todd-Conway Hall)
                         Owner: Anthony A MacDonald,Guelph-Derek M Reid,Etobicoke-Jessica Reid,Toronto,ON

Gouda Hanover

Gouda Hanover is in at Flamoboro Downs


Gouda Hanover did not do well finishing out of the money. Anthony Mac Donald drove and here are his after race comments:

I had mentioned to Kevin tonight that I felt Gouda was weak. He’s not a speed demon so when he isn’t near 100% it’s noticeable. The track was very hard tonight and Gouda very well could have been feeling the effects of a hard surface and didn’t put. Horses like Gouda are frustrating because you want to see them succeed but when something is ailing them, they simply look bad. Kevin said he will be getting him scoped and see what was bothering him tonight. If that is clear, he was definitely foot sore in my opinion. From a driver’s perspective, many things can cause a horse to race badly. First is heath, the next is soreness. We will get to the bottom off this and try to have him back to last weeks standard, next week. I can imagine Kevin’s frustration and yours. As i said to him moments ago: “Racing isn’t easy our everyone would do it”. We will get Gouda sorted and there will be better days ahead.


February 2,2018

Dewey Ann


Dewey Ann was my second 1% purchase. Of my three yearling purchases she was the last to qualify. She raced well in her qualifier. The race line for that race should not really be given any weight as the other horses were pacers which are faster. The point is she raced well enough to qualify.

Tonight she raced her first race, her maiden race, The Raceway at Western Fair District.   The raceway is in London Ontario the western part of Ontario province. The temperature at race time -15°c or 5°f.

You never know what to expect for a maiden race.  While the horse has been to the race track for schooling and for a qualifying race, it is their first time in real competition and racing under the lights.

Nine horses in the race, 8 at the starting gate and one in the second tier behind. Dewey Ann wore the number 5 and at the first quarter was in 7th place. At the 3/4 mile mark she was still at the back and racing outside. You should go to the western Raceway website and look at the replay, very exciting.


dewey ann 1% fractional ownership charles davis stables

Dewey Ann Maiden Race, Maiden Win

The last quarter seems slow, but considering the distance she had to make up to get to the front, she must of had a great last quarter. Looking forward to seeing the race line when it is published.

dewey Ann wins her first race

It was close, But She Did It

And in the winner circle.

Dewey Ann Maiden Win 2-2-2018

Dewey Ann Maiden Win 2-2-2018

Weekly Recap

The girls start off the week and end the week with WINS. There is only one of my 3 year olds not racing. That is PDA Blue Chip, and she is back training after having some time off to rest. Stake payments went out recently and my New York bred horses are paid up for the New York sire stakes. The year year olds cover all the different categories. Dewey Ann 3 year old filly Trotter, Sally De Vie 3 year old filly Pacer, PDA Blue Chip 3 year old colt trotter and Gouda Hanover 3 year old colt pacer.

They are all off to a good start.