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January 20, 2018 and the Week That Follows

Drones and a WIN, what a great way to start a week. I am really happy the way the “Charles Davis Stable” is coming along. Granted my “stable” is made up of horses that I only own 1% of, but I am an owner. The key point is why are you into harness racing? If it is to make money then 1% ownership is not for you. If it to enjoy the racing and the thrill of your horse winning, then maybe 1% is for you.

I am posting this early in the week and will update it as the week goes by.

January 20,2018

Baby Training Day

Today was a drone day at the training track of the, and 54 horses sowed off what they learned so far. I currently have 3 horses that are two year olds and are in the early day’s of their training. They were all out showing what they learned. Remember they are still early in their training so we can overlook some mistakes.

King of the Ball

I was watching the auction where King of the Ball was bought, he was on my “dream” list. He has an excellent family tree and is eligible for both the New York and Maryland stakes programs. I had reviewed the sales catalog and found horses I liked and guess what I though the bidding would go for. King of the Ball went for much less than I expected, and as soon as I found out that the winning bidder was, I sent off an email buying two shares. A little later I bought another share. For Christmas I gave one of my brothers and my mother a share each.

There are still some public shares available on the market page. So if you are interested look him up.

Here is his work out.

Kristine K

She was another horse that I was looking at for the auction. While I was watching the auction on my computer, she sold for a very low amount. I was shocked, even more so when a email went out to stable owners that shares would be offered in her. Bred by the top breeders in NY, they did not like the prices either and had bought back the horse. They own 40% and I own 1% of Kristine K. I know it is a delusion of grandeur, but it is a fact. I am a partner with one of the best in harness racing.

Here is her work out.

Final Answer

Final answer is my odd man out. He is a trotter and is not New York bred. Still, he looked good at the sale and the price was low. He is currently sold out in the public offerings and only a few shares are being offered in the private sales and at a premium over the initial price.

A Night at the Races

fractional ownership sally de vie charles Davis stables

Sally De Vie, Look Out Here I Come

Last week, Sally De Vie came in 5th in her race. However, another horse had interfered with her so she was placed 4th. My honest point of view was that she should have been at least second.

This week, Sally De Vie took the step towards showing everyone she will grow into a great horse. In an exciting race, she walked on by the race leader in the final stretch, opening distance as she cross the finish line. This was her second win and it was a new life time mark of 158.4. That is a 3 second improvement.

sally de vie second life time win fractional ownership harness racing

Sally De Vie Finish Line Photo

To watch the replay of the race go to the Flamboro Downs replay page, select Jan 20, then select the third race.

sally de vie charles davis stables

Sally De Vie


January 25

American League

From the
American League schooled very well today!
Went in 2:06 with a back half in 1:01, he will be qualifying next week at Flamboro.

Gouda Hanover


It was a great race, you can watch the replay on the Flamboro downs site, link is above.

Gouda Hanover position 5, deep stretch

Gouda Hanover position 5, Deep Stretch


gouda hanoverr 2nd

Finish line, Just Shy of Passing the Leader

The Inquiry did not concern the front runners.

second place finish for gouda hanover

Second Place finish for Gouda Hanover

Overall I say a very good week

4 thoughts on “January 20, 2018 and the Week That Follows

  1. sean

    Great win by Sally, I think we could see right back in the same condition nw 15k next start. Thou I do want to see what she can do on the big track but she can win next out against same at Flammy. I have 10% of Sally very excited for her chances this summer. Good luck.

    1. Charles Davis Post author

      Hi Sean:
      Thank you for your comments. great to hear that you have 10% of her. I just have 1% but am happy to have that.If she makes it to the NYSS, I will bring a group with me for each race.