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It Is Cold Out There

One of the phrases in the movie Ground Hog’s Day that keeps repeating is the radio DJ saying “It is cold out there”.  That is happening here in upstate New York and over the border in Ontario Canada. There have been record lows and more may be coming.

It is Cold Out There

2018 is off to a cold start, lets it is just the weather and not the stable. Gouda Hanover was set to start off the 2018 season with a race tonight at Flamboro. However, they canceled racing. Here is the weather warning from Canada’s weather agency:

Temperatures will fall rapidly this evening to reach lows of minus 20 to 25 degrees celsius. Wind chill values due to northwest winds up to 50 kilometres per hour will be in the minus 35 to 40 range tonight. Temperatures and wind chill values will be slightly lower Friday night. The extreme cold will continue until Saturday or possibly into Sunday morning.”

For those using Fahrenheit scale, -40 degrees is the temperature that is the same on both scales. And that does not take into consideration 30 mph/50kph speed of the horse in a race.

It is possible, that the races might be canceled again on Saturday as the weather forecast is not clear. It will depend on how far it drops tomorrow and how soon the winds improve. While I would love to have my horses racing, I do not want man or horse to be expose to such dangerous temperatures.

Sally De Vie


Sally is schedule to race on Saturday. I imaging that the race will be canceled but in case it is not here is the race program.



Sally De Vie started late as a 2 year old and her times are still a little slow. However, she did take a mark of 2:04 which while not great, it is a start. She was raced time in 2:00 2/5. when we say a horse has a mark, that is a winning time. When we say raced time, it means a time in a race they did not win. Race timed is not used often as a means to compare times but it can be helpful. We can hope that as she gets more experience and the weather improves she will race faster. We would like for her to become a good enough filly to compete in the Sire Stakes later in the year. She has about 5 months to get ready, I think she can do it.

If the race is run, Sally looks like she has a good chance of winning. It is predicted that she will be a favorite even racing from the outside. Still, she did win from the outside.

Nower Power

Nower Power is also in to race Saturday and also has an outside post position. He is not predicted to be a favorite but not a long shot either. Some of these horse seem closely matched, it will be an interesting race, if it is not canceled. A number of horse in the race won around 20% of the races they were in last year. Nower Power was one of them. While not an impressive percentage, it is not too bad.



Final Though for the Day


it is cold outside protect your pets

it is cold out outside protect your pets