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Great Night for the 1% of Charles Davis Stables 12-16-2017

Tonight was the last night of racing at Batavia Downs for the season. Batavia will open for live racing towards the end of July. Buffalo Downs and Batavia race alternate to each other.

Not to far north of the US-Canada border is Flamboro Downs. Tonight, I had two horses entered to race. In the first race was Sally De Vie.

Sally De Vie at the winter open house 2017 fractional ownership

Sally De Vie at the Winter Open House 2017

Sally De Vie

Sally was the first horse that I bought from the just over a year ago. She was a yearling back then and like the others she was early in her training. It soon became clear, however, that her knees were not mature enough to handle the stress of racing. She was given the summer off to grow up some and came back into training a could of months ago. Two weeks ago, she qualified and last week she competed in her first race. Sally had post position nine last week, which starts behind the other horses. It is a very difficult position to win from. She did race an acceptable race all things considered finishing fifth 2 and 1/2 length behind the winner and at one point was 3rd just 2 lengths behind.


In tonight’s race, her post position was only slightly better, post position 8. Post position 8 is one of the worst places to start as it is furthest from the rail. Flamboro Downs does have a video feed but you can not directly link to it. To view the race go to the Flamboro Downs replay page select Dec 16 and then the 1st race.

It is a very exciting race. She raced very well against horses with more experience than her, And she won. So with two lifetime starts she has one win and one 5th. Not trying to jink anything but that is two checks in a row.

Sally De Vie will be turning 3 in January as do all standardbred racehorse as they share a universal birth date. It is really exciting to see that she has a win and a life time marks as a two year old. Not every two year old can do that. I have great hopes to see her racing at 3 in the New York Sire Stakes Program.

nower power 1% fractional ownership standardbred racing charles davis stables

Nower Power Winter Open House

Nower Power

Nower Power is a 3 year old that I picked up 1% of back in August. He is a three year old trotter, yes I have broken down and have trotters. His performance has been up and down. He has make a number of breaks, going off gait, in recent races. That includes a race just 4 days before his racing tonight.

Thoroughbreds seldom race more than once a month with 2 weeks being considered the least amount of time between races. Most thoroughbreds are unable to do that or repeatably do that. Standardbreds frequently race weekly with 30 starts a year not uncommon.

He had an amazing race, one you need to see for yourself in the replays. Use the same link as above and select the 7th race, he has post position number one.

Gouda Hanover at the Winter Open House fractional ownership charles davis stables 1% horse

Gouda Hanover at the Winter Open House

Gouda Hanover

Gouda Hanover raced earlier this week, also his first life time start. He did not do well finishing well behind. He did, however, race without going off stride so time will tell.


9 thoughts on “Great Night for the 1% of Charles Davis Stables 12-16-2017

  1. Bob Boyd

    Hey Charlie

    I watched Nower Power
    Impressive last quarter, especially coming from so far back, three deep on the turn


    1. Charles Davis Post author

      I agree Bob. thank you. He has been having problems with breaks lately, but you would not know it from that race.

  2. Brad

    Hi Charles yes sally raced large after been boxed in at the three quarter pole win no where to go.Alwsys liked Nower Power seems to give it all every time.was out and forgot to make a small wager on both.Hood luck and hoping same luck comes with my yearling new York bred for next year.

  3. JLB

    I have owned horses for 30 years, mostly at Monticello, Pocono, and Saratoga Harness. Once sent a Canadian bred up to AMac to race for a few starts. I congratulate you on the effort to establish and keep current a blog like this. One question. How was the trotter able to race, given that on Dec 13, he made a break on a fast track coming off a qualifier. Again, good luck with all your endeavors.

    1. Charles Davis Post author

      Thank you for the comments.
      Your observation of his race lines is accurate. This is what we were told before the race. The race had an entry fee, is a series and had a closing date of 1 December. On 1 December he was eligible to enter the race. Therefore he was still eligible according to the judges.

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