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Nower Power Closes Out 2017 With A Win

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Nower Power Wins the Alliance series photograph by G Barnsdale

A great way to end a year. Nower Power finished first in the Alliance Series final. Nower Power won the first leg of the series which insured that he would make the final. He came in fourth last week in the second leg. Keepall was a slight favorite in the race having won the second leg and was a close second in the first leg. He had also won his two previous races before the series. However, Keepall seem to have some control issues and the driver could not get him to the gate at the start. You can see the race at the Flamboro downs replay page.

nower power wins 1% fractional ownership charles davis stables

Nower Power Wins Alliance series.

The winner circle photo above was taken from the grandstand and has other 1% share owners as well as staff and other owners or different horses. About 85 people associated with the Stable were at the track for an end of year get together. A winner circle photo is always a great way to celebrate.

The program page for the race is below:

Overall, it was a very good month for Nower Power. It did not look good at the beginning. He raced on December 2 and broke stride. that was the second race in the row that he did that. So he had to race a qualifier, which he did well enough to resume racing. On December 13 he raced again and sadly he broke stride again, however, he recovered fast enough to finish 5th and earned a small purse. Normally a horse making a break after a qualifier would need to requalify. However, as he was already entered into the Alliance series, he was allowed to race.  He came back and raced just 3 days later and won the series opener. as mentioned above, he finish fourth in the second leg and a win tonight.

Sally De Vie deserves a mention also. December saw her racing the first time. She came in fifth in her first lifetime race, followed that up with her first lifetime win the next week and picked up a forth place check in her third race.

Gouda Hanover raced in December, and really did not do well as he broke stride before the start. However, he has qualified and will be the first horse to race of my 1% stable in 2018.

In January I expect to see 5 horses racing, knock on wood. Nower Power, Sally de Vie and Gouda Hanover should be joined by Dewey ann. Last word was she is ready to qualify. Also PDA Blue Chip should be back racing, she just needs some rest from some soreness.