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Charles Davis Stable September Update

September Update

As September is coming too an end, I thought I would like to do an update with my 1% horses. I like to start by thanking all who came out for the launch party. A few small issues during the evening but nothing major and everyone had a good time. I will say I am really enjoying this 1% ownership. The dollar amounts involved are small on both the income and expense side, that I can just enjoy the ownership.

Yearling sales are in full swing and I still thinking of getting another 1% or two. The where I am getting my 1% shares is a great organization and everything there seems to run smoothly. I hope they will find a few nice New York bred horses at a future sale. My only 1% yearling so far is Final Answer. Lets look at my stable:



Amicus is a 5 year old and is currently racing. He had a decent month with a second and third.



Braonach wearing colors

Braonach had a very good month with 2 wins, a 3rd and 4th. She is a 3 year old filly. ¬†Only Mohawk racetrack shares race videos, however, if you go to Braonach’s page you will find some links to her race videos.


Deweyann is one of my New York Breds. She was given some time off from training so that she could mature a bit more. Not every horse grows soon enough to race early as a 2 year old. She is now back in training and the initial reports are very good. She should be back in December racing in Ontario moving to New York in the late spring for the NY 3 year old events.

Final Answer

final answer 1% ownership fractional ownership

Final Answer

I purchased a share in this yearling early in the month and had a chance to see her workout last week. Take a look at the summary I wrote for Final Answer

Gouda Hanover

Gouda Hanover was also given some time to mature. He is back in training as well.

Nower Power

Nower Power is a 3 year old bay color gelding trotter. He is racing tonight so I will update this later. He has raced twice this month already finishing 3rd and a win.

Sally De Vie


Sally de Vie Back for training

Sally de Vie is my third NY 2 year old and like the others she was turned out to mature and is back in training.

Stable Update Summary

So that how we stand now, 3 horses actively racing, 3 two year olds that are back training and should be at the races in 6 to 8 weeks, and a yearly just starting to train.

2 thoughts on “Charles Davis Stable September Update

  1. sean

    Amicus looked much better last start, emailed Anthony yesterday and Sally is still jogging training starts in two weeks and she is ” fat, shiny and looking good”. I wasn’t going to get anymore horses but couldn’t resist and bought 2 shares of Readyforthebeach. Good luck.

  2. Charles Davis Post author

    Hello Sean:
    I was at the training facility and saw Sally in her stall last weekend. She looked great. Good Luck with your horses.