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Final Answer Preview

Final Answer

I was in Niagara Falls on the Canadian side earlier this week, and decided to take a trip up to the training center to look in on my horses and then head over to nearby Mohawk to watch some races. The Stable has an open barn policy. Owners are encouraged to drop in and visit. However, a ambulance blocking the parking exit and a few traffic jams had us arriving too late to see anyone at the barn. So, we headed over to Mohawk raceway and watched a few races.

However, on Friday, there was an announcement that some of the babies would jog for the drones on Saturday. So a quick change of plans and a trip back to the training center to watch was in order.

Final Answer was one of the horses out on Saturday. He is a trotting colt and my first yearling in 2017.

final answer 1% ownership fractional ownership

Final Answer

When we arrived we watched a few horses on the track and then went down to the shed row. When we entered the barn, the first stall had Final Answer in it already to be hooked to the cart. He was very calm, looked like he been doing this for years and not just three days.

standardbred fractional ownership 1% stable harness racing

Final Answer getting hooked up to a jog cart

He also looked very good in the cross ties and while being connected to the cart.

fractional ownership standardbreds harness racing

Final Answer out for a slow jog

Considering that this is the very beginning of the training, he looked great. His manners were outstanding.

This is the drone video along with a cam mounted on the jog cart. Anthony Mac Donald is driving Final Answer.

final answer trotter

After the work out waiting for a bath.

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