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New Horses at My 1% Stable

King of the Ball is the latest horse to join my fractional ownership stable.

Today was the last day of the yearling portion of the Blackbook Standardbred Auction in Harrisburg Pa. Over 900 yearling were sold in the first two and a half days of the sale. From the sale picked up nine horses plus three additional ones direct from the breeders. The has 59 horses for this year and most are already sold out.From the ones they purchased at the sale, I was able to get in and buy a share of King of the Ball.

He is exactly what I was looking for to include in my stable of 1% horses. He will be able to race in the New York Sires program and he is also able to race in the Maryland program. King of the Ball comes from a strong line of pacers and I prefer pacers. I will admit, I am becoming less critical of the trotters.

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Final Answer getting hooked up to a jog cart

I now have three yearling, foals of 2016. the other two are trotters Final Answer and Mr. Caper. Neither are New York Sires so I will have to travel to watch them race if they race as 2 year olds.

My three 2 year olds (foals of 2015):  Deweyann, Gouda Hanover, and Sally De Vie are training and should be racing next month. they will initially race in Canada, however, when the NYSS start in the late spring, if all goes well, they will be racing in New York

I have two 3 year olds that are currently racing in Canada.

Amicus was claimed last month so I am looking at purchasing a replacement from within the system. A few owners have shares up for sale with different horses.

Looking Forward to 2018 Racing Season

Within the next three months, I am looking to having 5 maybe 6 horses racing. When I moved back to the states, I knew that I wanted to get back into harness racing, in some form or another. I also knew that owning a horse outright was beyond my means. I came across the fractional ownership and found a stable that had some shares. Sadly, it did not work out. I came across and liked their program. After a visit to the training center where they are stabled, I invested in my fist horse. I have found a great balance. By owning just 1% of each of my horses the risk and expenses are low. However, the pride of ownership is there as if they were all mine.

2 thoughts on “New Horses at My 1% Stable

  1. sean

    Hi Charles, good luck with the babies. Just a note Anthony emailed me back about Sally and he said she trained awesome last Saturday in 2:10. High hopes for her.

    1. Charles Davis Post author

      Hi Sean:
      Thank you. I also have Deweyann and Gouda Hanover back in training. Anthony told me the Gouda should be schooling soon and then to the qualifiers.