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Amicus Qualifies with Hobbles

Amicus to Race with Hobbles

September 5, 2017 At Mohawk Raceway, Amicus did an qualifying race so that he can wear trotting hobbles in future races.

Almost all pacers wear hobbles but very few trotters do. A hobble looks like a frame of those old Victoria Era dresses. They are designed to move with the legs to help the horse stay on gait.

Amicus has been a little rough in the turns, he broke stride a few races back and almost did in his last race. so the trainer decided to try him in trotting hobbles.

Before a Trotter can enter a race wearing hobbles they most wear them in a qualifier race. These races are used to show the judges that a horse is fit to race.

He is number 5 in this race. sit back and enjoy the 2 minutes.

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