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My 1 Percent Horses

The journey begins, My 1 percent horses. It is really exciting being back as an Standardbred race horse owner. My stable is getting a little bit smaller as less successful horses are sold. Hey, things are just starting to gear up for me. As you will see below, I have some horses racing.The Canadian tracks are not that far away, a few hours four at most depending on the track and traffic. Hopefully my New York Stakes Eligible horses will start later this year. If they are starting at Buffalo or Batavia they are just a short drive away. This page will be the overview of the new Charles Davis Stables. Trackmaster has a free service that will alert you when a horse is entered into a race. Feel free to open your own account and follow my horses. New fans are always welcomed.

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My 1 % Stables

Sally De Vie

sally de vie

Sally De Vie Headed to the Training Mile

Sally De Vie was on my short list when I went to the winter open house held by the She was also the one I selected before I left. She is a two year old pacing filly. Back in June 2017, she became sore after training. A problem was found with her knee. The vet suggested a new drug that was just approved and a few weeks off. After the few weeks she came back and did well. However, it was decided that a longer rest might be beneficial. She been turned out with the goal of bringing her back towards the end of the year. She should be a good horse going forward. She trained in 2:01 after the shot which is really good for a two year old. Good enough to qualify.

Sally has been racing in the 2018 season and has done well. However, she is not fast enough to be competitive in the 3 year old New York Sire Stakes. so she will stay racing in Ontario.


charles davis stables

Not sure which 1% is mine, but I am a owner.

Deweyann was a close second on my list at the winter open house, and my share was purchased shortly afters. She has been training very well, however, it is clear that she is still growing. She was turned out and after a number of months, returned to training. She came back to the races and won her first race. However, it seem like she was still growing and not ready for full time racing. so she was turned back out. after a few weeks she returned to training. Deweyann seems to need more time. While most horses would of been sold out, the is suggesting holding on to her for a while. Maybe give her another chance. If that not work there is the possible future as a broodmare as she does have outstanding breeding and a lifetime mark.

Final Answer

Final Answer, This young colt was bought by the at a recent auction. I had been watching the auction and liked what I saw during the sale. As soon as I heard that the was the one that had bought him, I let them know I wanted a share.  My 1% cost me less than $100. His expenses until he starts to race will be about $24 a month.Final answer is just starting to race and is showing a good possible future. He has a few starts, and some money. He is racing in the Pennsylvania stakes program.

King of the Ball

The Blackbook sale held in November of each year in Harrisburg Pa. Is the biggest sale of the year. Th catalog is so large it is published in two volumes. This year there were 1716 horses listed, 990 of that number were yearlings with a few weanlings. There It also has high standards to list your horse for sale at the event. The sale is done over five days with the first two days being just yearlings. The third day finishes up the yearlings and then the weanlings. That is followed by broodmares, stallion shares and then older horses. Towards the end of the yearling sale was the colt King of the Ball. His pedigree is good, I saw a number of crosses that I found interesting. Plus he both New York and Maryland eligible. Take a look at his page.

King of the Ball qualified, but was turned out to mature. The plan is to start training him back and have him race in some of the sire stake programs.

Kristine K

Kristine K was entered into the 2017 Lexington sale and was hammered down at $20,000. I watched the Lexington sale on the internet. Prior to the sale, I selected horses that I liked and estimated what they would sell for. Kristine K was a horse that I really liked, my top “fantasy” stable pick. However, I though it would go for over $100,000. So a hammered price of $20,000 was a shock. Even more a shock, when it was announced later that fractional shares were available from

I looked at her ownership papers and saw that shortly after the Lexington sale her ownership was transferred to Crawford Racing. That seems to me that they could not let her go for only $20,000. One part of the foundation of is that breeders can send them horses to sell fractions of with the breeder keeping a percentage of ownership. Crawford Racing owns 40% of Kristine K.

Kristine K has qualified and has raced. However, she scoped sick after her first race so given a week off. She will be racing this week and then should be headed to New York for the Sires Stakes.

American League

American League is one of my secondary horses if you will. He is a trotter and is an Ohio bred.  He raced a few starts in the summer of 2017 and while he seemed capable he did not have an competitive nature. So he was turned out to mature. A few owners decided to sell their shares and I picked up a 1% in November.  He has a fairly good pedigree.

American League came back to racing and did fairly well in the spring. However, when the hot weather hit, he just was not into racing. He has been turned out and will be brought back to racing in the fall.

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