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Kristine K –New York Eligible Pacing Filly

Kristine K

charles davis stable Kristine k new york sired filly by crawford farms

Kristine K New York Sired Filly

Kristine K is a New York Bred yearling. She is a pacing filly and has a family tree that I could never imagine owning a piece of. I am not sure how she got to the, but I am sure glad she did. I believe I know how it happened.

There have been a few times, where a breeder has the winning bid on their own horse at an auction. Kristine K was bred by Crawford Farms. Crawford farms is becoming one of the top breeding farms and may be the leading farm in New York. They had an interest in the first three finishers in the 2016 Hambletonian.  At the time, they own a full brother to Marion Marauder the race winner, and the dams of both Southwind Frank who was second and Sutton who was third.

Kristine K was entered into the 2017 Lexington sale and was hammered down at $20,000. I watched the Lexington sale on the internet. Prior to the sale, I selected horses that I liked and estimated what they would sell for. Kristine K was a horse that I really liked, my top “fantasy” stable pick. However, I though it would go for over $100,000. So a hammered price of $20,000 was a shock. Even more a shock, when it was announced later that fractional shares were available from

I looked at her ownership papers and saw that shortly after the Lexington sale her ownership was transferred to Crawford Racing. That seems to me that they could not let her go for only $20,000. One part of the foundation of is that breeders can send them horses to sell fractions of with the breeder keeping a percentage of ownership. That seems what may of happen here.

The Family



For those who do not know how to read a pedigree chart, let me walk you by some of the things that made me love this filly on paper.

On the sales page, you will see her name with the sire’s (Father) name above and the Dam’s (Mother) name below. As the chart moves to the right the next generations are shown. You see her sire is Rock n Roll Heaven whose sire is Rock N Roll Hanover. Kristine K’s dam is Wichita Hanover. Below the chart is the off springs of the maternal line. One of Wichita Hanover’s sons is named Rocknroll Dance. His sire was Rock N Roll Hanover. That would make Kristine K is 3/4th sister. Rocknroll Dance earned just shy of $2.5 million and set a worlds record at 1:47 and 2/5ths. You can look at the page and see all the major races he has won.

As the TV info commercial people say, but wait there is more. Kristine K’s grandmother is Wendymea Hanover and she had a son named Western Hanover. He won over $2.5 million, was pacing colt of the year at both 2 and 3 years old and inducted in the Hall of Fame. Western Hanover has a full sister named Wendy M Hanover who won over $330,000 herself and had a baby named Modern Art who earned over a million. That is an outstanding maternal line.


I am really looking forward to watching this horse. I plan on going to the when I can and take some photos. It should be very interesting owning this filly.

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