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Goshen Sale Looking for Another One Percent

I went to the Goshen Yearling sale to try to sharpen some of my old confirmation skills. Plus I enjoy the atmosphere. I had leisurely browsed the sales catalog and found a number of hoses that I liked. The Goshen sale had 115 horses and almost all were New York or Pennsylvania bred. Since New York breds are my preferences because they will race their stake races in New York, Goshen was a perfect trip for me.

Goshen Sale Charles davis stables

Yearlings Being Inspected By Potential buyers

The selections I liked took in account that I was favoring New York bred horses and that I like pacers over trotters. My “A” list was made up of what I though would be horses that I would like to own. My “B” list were also great horses that I could possibly considered, however, they did not meet my preferences. I also created my top 5 picks. I arrived early in the morning before the sale and looked at the horses on my list.  My top list all stayed on the list with just a slight modification in order. My top choice was hip number 2, Hoopla Hanover

1% ownership

Hoopla Hanover

I saw the list of horses that was going to bid on. I was a little disappointed and frankly a little unsure of myself because none on my list were on theirs. Still, their objectives were different then mine, and one of the items in their list were that the horses would be a value purchase. Shortly before the auction started, I found a place near the front and sat on my hands waiting. My favorite was near the start and in no time I was feeling better about my choices.

1 percent fractional ownership

Hoopla Hanover Sells for $29,000

The sale was fast paced and in no time the price went over $20,000. The paced slowed a bit, but hip 2, Hoopla Hanover was at $29,000 when the hammer fell closing the sale. I watched as the different horses sold.

The second choice horse on my top 5 was Wilt the Stilt, hip 62. He went as the second most expensive horse ( tied really) at $47,000

My third choice was earlier in the sale and also made me feel like I was on the right track. Zekefromcabincreek was hip number 18. When I examined him, I felt he was near perfect. I guess I was not the only one because after a spirited auction he went for $50,000 the highest price paid that day.

1 percent fractional ownership

Zekefromcabincreek Sold for $50,000

A short time after Zeke, horse number 25 Hickfromfrenchlick came up for sale. Also from the same farm as Zeke he was my fifth choice on my top list. He tied Wilt the Stilt for the second most expensive horse sold at $47,000.

Hip 32, Dueling Banjos,  was number four on my top list. She sold for the lowest of my top 5 at $22,000. Still in the top 15% of the sales.

At the end of the day, I felt good about my choices. 3 of my 5 picks were the most expensive in the sale. the other two still high in the standings.

None of the horses on my “A” list sold for less than $15,000 which look to be the medium price.

Only one horse went for a price that I though was undervalued. From my “B” list was a Pennsylvania bred filly. She was Naba Hanover, Some of my favorite sires were in her pedigree. She went for only $9,000 .


While I enjoyed the sale, none of the horse bought by meets what I am looking for. So it is waiting for another sale.

My plan is to buy into two more yearlings. I currently have a 1% in a Pennsylvania bred named Final Answer.