The New Charles Davis Stables

Charles Davis Stables Launch Party

Announcing the Charles Davis Stables Launch Party

Charles Davis Stables? Some of you out there may be laughing at me. That is great I do not mind at all. You might be asking yourself, why is he making this big fuss over something so small.  That is a part of the reason I am making a fuss, it is small. It is a small investment and the monthly risk is also small.

One of my 1% horses only cost me about $75 to purchase my share. He is racing and if for some reason he does not earn any money in the month, then my share of the expenses would be around $50. I can not afford to own a standardbred racehorse outright and risk $5,000 a month. I can afford to buy at $75 and risk up to $50 a month. When a horse races the first five horses earn a portion of the purse, so you do not have to always be the winner to take home some earnings.

charles davis stables

Not sure which 1% is mine, but I am a owner.

Harness racing like many other activities has been suffering for years. fewer people come out to watch the races. Fewer fans mean fewer people interested in buying horses. Standardbred racing is a much lesser investment and risk than Thoroughbreds. The horses are able to withstand the stress of racing better and can race more often. It not uncommon for a standardbred to race 35 times in a year, a thoroughbred maybe ten times in a year. While it is less expensive to become a owner, it still has risk and cost involved. The fractional ownership with just a 1% investment brings that risk down to an entertainment expense. I may only have 1% but I can say I am one of the owners.

I want to share my love for standardbred racing, and encourage others to make their 1% move. For those that know me come out and join the Charles Davis Stables Launch party. RSVP required.



launch party

Winner Circle after the Launch Party race